Premium Funding

Unlock cash flow, unleash potential

Premium funding gives businesses the ability to pay their insurance premiums in regular instalments, rather than in one large lump sum payment.

That means more cash flow, more flexibility, and in turn, more opportunity.

Talk to us about how premium funding can work for you. It can cover most insurance policies, including worker’s compensation.

When you fund with us, we pay your insurance premium on your behalf, by the due date, to your nominated insurer or broker. You can choose to fund multiple insurance policy premiums across multiple insurers and pay us back in single regular instalments.

Flexible regular instalment
Fixed rate loan that doesn't impact other existing line(s) of credit
One easy regular payment can cover multiple insurance policies
Free up your cash to use elsewhere in your business
We’re a flexible and trusted lender
Fast and easy online process to apply
Interest repayments may be tax deductible
Dedicated customer support throughout the period of funding
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