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EasyFund is our industry leading online quote and processing system.

It seamlessly integrates with most broker platforms, including WinBeat, CBS and e-Global, to deliver fast, accurate quotes and streamlined processing.

Your client can complete their premium funding application online with no paper application or signature required.
Easily make adjustments to your client’s existing premium funding loan or add an additional policy without having to complete multiple funding applications.
It’s now even easier to arrange premium funding year to year with our automatic rollover feature. Apply for funding or renew an existing loan on your client’s behalf at the click of a button. Eliminating the need for your clients to reapply each year.
Upload scanned, completed premium funding applications directly into EasyFund for quick processing by our Customer Service Team.
Access realtime transactional data for clients, as well as tailored management data via EasyFund’s reports tab. Choose from a range of comprehensive reports including pending and approved quotes, quote conversions, settlements, as well as individual broker penetration rates.
Reduce the time spent double keying client details or completing labour intensive paperwork with our easy scheme funding facility. Scheme funding is now as easy as single policy funding.
To find out more about EasyFund or to obtain system access, contact Hunter for your personalised login on 0800 473 000.
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