Consumer Lending

Please refer to attached document:

  • Consumer Loan Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions for Consumer Loan Agreement
  • Authority to Accept Direct Debits

Consumer Lending NZ.pdf

Please refer to the following Costs of Borrowing:

Establishment fee:

Hunter charges an establishment fee up to NZ$80 for each loan.

Default fees:

If you think you might have trouble making a payment, please talk to us before the payment is due.
If you’re experiencing hardship, we may be able to help.

Hunter will charge the following fees if you fail to meet your obligations under the Consumer Loan Agreement:

  • Dishonoured payment fee: If you try to make a payment for an amount owing under a Consumer Loan Agreement and that payment is dishonoured, Hunter may charge an additional NZ$20 dishonour fee.

  • Default fee: If you fail to make a payment by its due date, Hunter may charge an additional NZ$20 default fee.

Interest rates:

From 3.50% to 25.00% per annum (depending on your personal circumstances) which equates to between 2.00% to 12.50% as a flat rate.